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Find lifelong opportunities in the healthcare industry with a healthcare management degree from Herzing University.

As people remain active later in life, healthcare is expected to continue to be a fast-growing field, providing employment opportunities for patient care, patient treatment and managed healthcare professionals.

Earning an online bachelor's degree in healthcare management could be right for you, if you:

  • Have good business sense
  • Are interested in the healthcare industry
  • Value accuracy and trust facts
  • Like making important decisions
  • Are compassionate and supportive
  • Work equally well alone or as part of a group
  • Like clear guidelines
  • Are comfortable leading other people
  • Have good people and communication skills
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Why Herzing

The Herzing Advantage

Prepare to become a leader

Herzing’s online healthcare management degree is focused on leadership. Working with employers and experienced health care managers, we’ve developed concentration areas that will better prepare graduates for career advancement and leadership. As a student in our Bachelor of Science in Healthcare Management degree program, you’ll have the option to enhance your academic experience and customize your degree to fit your career goals.

Choose up-to two concentrations*:

  • Leadership
  • Managed Care
  • Leadership and Management Care combination
  • Self-determined Concentration in a Healthcare Area (such as medical assisting or medical billing)

*number of concentrations will depend on amount of transfer credits, if applicable

Further differentiate yourself in the workforce with industry certifications

As a Herzing graduate, you will have the opportunity to gain added advantage in the workforce through recognized industry certifications. Although not required to work in the industry, some certifications can help advance career paths. Within this program at Herzing University, optional credentials can be earned within specific coursework and others can be earned through certification exams, for which you are thoroughly prepared.

CertificationMethod to Earn
CAPM CertificationProject Management course assists in preparing students to sit for the Certified Associate in Project Management certification
Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Certification

Leadership Concentration assists in preparing students to sit for exam

CSMC Certification

Managed Care Concentration assists in preparing students to sit for Certified Specialist Managed Care exam

Save time and money with dual credit

Students in Herzing University's Healthcare Management bachelor’s degree program can get a “jumpstart” on earning a MBA in Healthcare Management. Qualifying students could take up to 12 graduate credits while still an undergraduate and apply these credits toward both degrees, thereby saving time and money.


Potential Healthcare Management Job Titles

A healthcare management degree is a versatile degree that has application in almost every healthcare-oriented field from health insurance to ambulatory care to pharmaceutical sales. By earning your bachelor's in Healthcare Management from Herzing, you will be prepared with the analytical, problem solving, management and leadership skills to be competitive in today and tomorrow's changing health care industry.

Examples of possible healthcare management job titles include:

  • Physician Practice Manager
  • Health Care Administrator
  • Quality and Improvement Manager
  • Patient Finance Manager
  • Health Insurance Manager
  • Managed Care Representative
  • Healthcare Department Manager
  • Population Health Manager

Work Environment

Careers in healthcare management or administration exist in hospitals, physician offices, clinics, outpatient care centers, insurance carriers, home healthcare organizations, and assisted long-term care facilities. While professionals in this career work primarily in an office setting, executive-level administrators may travel on occasion to oversee satellite offices. The typical work week for this program graduates extends beyond 40 hours, however professionals in the field are often rewarded with an excellent benefits and compensation package.

Career Advancement

Healthcare management careers offer advancement and increased earning potential as the administrator takes on additional responsibilities. This can occur through promotion at the current employer or by accepting a position at a larger facility. Bachelor's in healthcare management graduates with little or no industry experience typically start out as administrative assistants or department leaders, while those with a master’s degree may enter the industry as an associate administrator or manager/supervisor of a department.

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Healthcare Management Program Curriculum

Working with employers and experienced healthcare managers, Herzing University's program courses are current and relevant to today's industry demands, preparing you for the workforce and for career advancement in the healthcare industry.

Bachelor of Science in Healthcare Management12036
Associate and Associate of Applied Science in Healthcare Administration6016
*Average number of months for students to complete program
Program availability varies by location.

Bachelor of Science in Healthcare Management

This program gives graduates the business and management skills that are required for a management position in the healthcare field. Many students enter into this bachelor’s degree program after completing a certificate, diploma, or associate program in a healthcare discipline. Those who have not may take individual healthcare courses drawn from Herzing University’s healthcare programs to meet the program requirements.

Required Management Core Courses

All courses, 24.00 semester credit hours, are required.

Required Courses in Healthcare Management

All courses, 29.00 semester credit hours, are required.

Elective Healthcare Credits

A minimum of 26.00 semester credit hours is required from a combination of healthcare electives and/or credits transferred from the core (non-general education) courses of a healthcare-related associate or diploma programs. Students not transferring in 26.00 semester credit hours in healthcare courses may make up the difference with elective courses in healthcare management.

Required Capstone or Internship

A minimum of 3.00 semester credit hours are required.

Required Courses in General Education

Students enrolled in this bachelor's degree must complete a minimum of 36.00 semester credit hours in general education distributed among the following disciplines. Refer to the General Education section of the catalog for specific information about courses within each discipline. 12.00 Semester Credit Hours in Communications 9.00 Semester Credit Hours in Humanities (must include 3 semester credit hours of cultural diversity) 6.00 Semester Credit Hours in Mathematics 6.00 Semester Credit Hours in Social and Behavioral Sciences 3.00 Semester Credit Hours in Science

Personal and Professional Development Courses

2.00 semester credit hours are required.

Associate and Associate of Applied Science in Healthcare Administration

Those who have completed a diploma or certificate program in a specific healthcare discipline can use this transfer program to become a well-rounded graduate by adding the general education courses required for an associate degree.    View Program Course Sheet

Herzing University programs that can be transferred into a degree in Healthcare Management include:

Diploma ProgramsCreditsMonths*
Dental Assisting4716
Emergency Medical Technician - Advanced104
Emergency Medical Technician - Paramedic5816
Insurance Billing and Coding Specialist4320
Medical Assisting Services4212
Medical Office Administration308-12
Practical Nursing (credits/months depend on state and program)37-5512-16
Associate Programs*CreditsMonths*
Dental Assisting6920
Emergency Medical Technician - Paramedic8324
Insurance Billing and Coding Specialist6120
Medical Assisting Services6016
Medical Office Administration6016
Associate of Science in Nursing (Madison Campus)70 

*Average number of months for students to complete this program, not counting transferred courses from student’s prior coursework.

*This list is not all-inclusive; other associate-level programs may be transferred into the Bachelor of Science in Healthcare Management program.




While some certifications are embedded in actual course work, others require a student to sit for the certification's exam. In the Healthcare Management program, either a specific course or the cumulative of courses in a concentration help prepare the student to sit for the exam portion of the certification.

Bachelor's Degree Program Available Certification / Prep-to-sit for Certifications:

CertificationMethod to Earn
CAPM CertificationsCourse BU345 (Project Management) prepares the student to sit for exam
LSSYB CertificationLeadership Concentration prepares students to sit for the exam
CCMCManaged Care Concentration prepares students to sit for exam



There are 5 possible credentials addressed in the healthcare management program. Depending on the credential's requirements, the program may assist the student in their preparation to sit for the examination portion of the credential, or earn the credential outright:

  1. Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM) from the Project Management Institute (PMI)
  2. Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Certification (LSSYB) from GoLeanSixSigma
  3. Six Sigma Yellow Belt (SSYB) from SixSigma
  4. Certified Specialist Managed Care (CSMC) through Healthcare Financial Mgmt Associations (HFMA)
  5. Certified Specialist Business Intelligence (CSBI) through Healthcare Financial Mgmt Association (HFMA)

Certifications 2, 4 and 5 will be rolled out in the Fall Semester 2017.

Many certifications require both an examination and professional experience (Certifications 4 and 5). Programs and classes assist the student to prepare for the certification examination.



Herzing offers four (4) undergraduate concentrations; they are similar to a major of specialization. Concentrations enable a student to customize their healthcare management acumen to their career goals, differentiating them in the workforce with specialized knowledge.

Bachelor Concentrations:

  1. Leadership only
  2. Managed Care only
  3. Leadership and Managed Care (combo)
  4. Self-Determined Concentration (26 open electives in a healthcare area such as, but not exclusive to the following:
  • Insurance Billing and Coding
  • Medical Assisting
  • Medical Office Administration



Herzing's Healthcare Management program focuses on preparing graduates for career advancement and leadership according to trends in the current global workforce.

Herzing's Healthcare Management program offers:

  1. Practical Experience - Students will gain practical experience, understanding the continually changing healthcare environment; importance of leveraging techology and information to make decisions; and the key skills of leadership & critical thinking that are essential to management.
  2. Up-to-Two Concentrations - Students in this program have the option to enhance their academic experience by completing up-to-two concentrations:
    • Managed Card
    • Leadership
    • Self-Directed Concentration in areas such as (can include by not exclusive to):
      • Insurance Billing and Coding
      • Medical Assisting
      • Medical Office Administration
  3. Dual Credit - Students in the undergraduate program can get a "jump start" on a MBA with a Healthcare Concentration at the same time. Up-to 6 graduate credits could be taken while still an undergraduate and applied toward both degrees, thereby saving both money and time.
  4. Transfer Friendly - Students with an associate degree from an accredited institution like a Community College can receive up-to 60 credits toward a Herzing Bachelor's degree, and in some instances may receive more. DEGREE UP students are provided with the opportunity to transfer in additional credits earned after completing an associate degree. Herzing will review all transcripts a student may have, as there is an ability to transfer up-to 70% of their previous credit load toward their Herzing program, thereby saving them time and money.



Herzing's curriculum and program has moved from a general healthcare management theoretical approach to a more practical application approach in a re-design that advances both a student's critical thinking skills, as well as healthcare management acumen; better preparing students for the workforce and career advancement in the healthcare industry. Today there are two specific concentrations included in this degree that are highly sought after by employers, leadership and managed care training.



Regardless of your background, a healthcare management degree provides you with the analytical, problem solving, management and leadership skills that can help a student be competitive in today and tomorrow's changing healthcare industry.



Herzing University is an accredited nonprofit institution dedicated to providing high-quality, career-oriented undergraduate and graduate degree programs that meet employer healthcare management needs while delivering relevant leadership-focused and/or managed care-focused curriculum that helps students develop personally and professionally.


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