Net Price Calculator

Herzing University recognizes that that the cost of education is an important factor in selecting a college or university. Herzing provides a net price calculator to provide transparency and help you in making an informed decision.

The information provided by Herzing University’s Net Price Calculator will provide you with an estimated cost of attendance for a standard tuition tier program (does not include Nursing or other specialty programs) offered at the Herzing University campus you are considering. The estimates provided are based on charges and scholarship or grant aid received in the previous financial aid award year. It is important to understand that the cost of attendance and availability of grant and scholarship funding is subject to change over time, and that eligibility for some types of grant or scholarship aid varies on a case by case basis. Additionally, not all students are eligible for any financial aid or choose not utilize the aid for which they are eligible. So, while the information provided may help you in planning, it only provides a partial view of what you may expect from the financial aid process.

Applying for financial aid is a separate process than using the net price calculator. To apply for federal financial aid, you must fill out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid at

To calculate the net price for a standard tuition program at Herzing University by campus, go to:

To increase your understanding of the information provided, we have included definitions of some important terms below:

Estimated Tuition and Fees: This figure represents two semesters of full-time tuition in a standard tuition tier program (which does not include technology or nursing) and two semesters of the Learner Resource Fee (which includes and supports the use of university equipment, the use of eBooks, the learning management system, library and other resources, and academic and technical support services).

Estimated Room and Board Charges: This information is calculated by Herzing University based on data supplied by the College Board regarding average living expenses by region. Herzing University uses an average of the medium and low estimates, which are compatible with survey data gathered from students in the past. This is not an amount that will be billed to your account. Living expenses are included in this calculation to account for students who may not be working full-time while enrolled. Any financial aid received in excess of tuition and fees is intended to be used for these living expenses.

Estimated Costs of Books and Supplies: Herzing University includes the cost of books and required supplies in the Learner Resources fee, which is included in Estimated Tuition and Fees. Should you choose to purchase textbooks when an eBook version is available, this number may be greater than zero.

Estimated Other Expenses: This is an estimate of what you might spend during a school year on personal items, clothing, recreation and travel. This is not an amount billed by Herzing University. Herzing University calculates this amount in a similar fashion to Estimated Room and Board Charges.

Estimated Total Cost of Attendance: The cost of attendance is based upon average educational and living costs for a student who meets similar age, family size, living situation, and other criteria. This includes the tuition and fees, room and board, books and supplies, and other expenses.

Estimated Total Grant Aid: This is the average amount of grant aid received by students at your chosen Herzing University campus who meet similar age, family size, living situation, and income criteria. This amount includes Federal Aid such as the Pell Grant and Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant (FSEOG), State grant aid, and Institutional grant aid. It does not include any outside scholarships for which you may be eligible. Individual eligibility for any grant aid is determined by the Educational Funding Department.

Estimated Net Price: This is the total cost of attendance less any grant aid you are estimated to be eligible for. This is an amount that may need to be covered by additional financial aid or employment income.

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