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Software Developer Salary
How Much Can I Make?

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Software Developer Average Salary How Much They Make

Software development becomes more and more specialized as the industry continues to mature and consumers continue to adapt to innovation in technology.

According to 2019 data from the BLS, the average salary for software developers is $111,620 per year ($53.66 per hour).*

Average Salary for Software Developers by State
State Per year Per hour
Alabama $100,840 $48.48
Alaska $103,270 $49.65
Arizona $100,730 $48.43
Arkansas $86,100 $41.39
California $134,370 $64.60
Colorado $111,540 $53.62
Connecticut $107,540 $51.70
Delaware $111,400 $53.56
District of Columbia $118,580 $57.01
Florida $99,840 $48.00
Georgia $102,680 $49.36
Hawaii $99,570 $47.87
Idaho $95,140 $45.74
Illinois $103,760 $49.89
Indiana $91,880 $44.17
Iowa $95,370 $45.85
Kansas $91,990 $44.22
Kentucky $87,650 $42.14
Louisiana $84,100 $40.43
Maine $95,410 $45.87
Maryland $116,080 $55.81
Massachusetts $115,270 $55.42
Michigan $92,070 $44.26
Minnesota $104,770 $50.37
Mississippi $87,030 $41.84
Missouri $92,510 $44.48
Montana $88,190 $42.40
Nebraska $90,820 $43.66
Nevada $98,120 $47.17
New Hampshire $109,900 $52.84
New Jersey $113,510 $54.57
New Mexico $88,980 $42.78
New York $119,570 $57.48
North Carolina $105,060 $50.51
North Dakota $82,930 $39.87
Ohio $95,920 $46.11
Oklahoma $87,740 $42.18
Oregon $104,260 $50.13
Pennsylvania $99,280 $47.73
Rhode Island $108,020 $51.93
South Carolina $92,440 $44.44
South Dakota $79,030 $38.00
Tennessee $90,670 $43.59
Texas $107,940 $51.89
Utah $101,380 $48.74
Vermont $99,730 $47.95
Virginia $114,440 $55.02
Washington $131,870 $63.40
West Virginia $89,550 $43.06
Wisconsin $92,560 $44.50
Wyoming $87,510 $42.07

Job outlook for software developers

From 2019-2029, the BLS projects that job openings across the entire U.S. economy will grow by 4%. Job openings for software developers are projected to grow much faster than this overall pace. Overall, the BLS projects software developer jobs to increase by 22% from 2019-2029.

Now is a great time to become a part of a quickly growing career field.

What do software developers do?

Software developers play an important role in keeping our digitally enhanced world running. They combine computer programming knowledge and creativity to conceptualize, design, code and produce the programs we use every day—from the word processing software used to write this article to the web browser you’re reading it on.

As mentioned above, systems software developers create the operating systems which run our devices. Application software developers create the individual programs for those devices.

Their specific tasks and duties will vary depending on the employer and industry. Generally, software developers do the following:

  • Evaluate user needs to determine whether they will need existing, modified, or new software
  • Plan out each part of an application or system, creating diagrams and models of how the program will flow and which programming languages will be used
  • Direct the work of software programmers as they code and test the program
  • Create reference documentation so the program can be upgraded and maintained
  • Conduct testing of the program and create regular updates

Possible job titles in software development

Companies will use different job titles when recruiting computer programmers. Titles may include:

  • Application Developer
  • Software Architect
  • Software Developer
  • Systems Coordinator
  • Technical Consultant

How to become a software developer

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, software developers typically hold a bachelor’s degree in software development, computer science, or a related discipline.

Coding is not a software developer’s primary function, but it is important to be familiar with programming languages and experienced writing code to be employed as a developer.  Analytical skills, design skills, and problem-solving capabilities are all critical to success in software development.

At Herzing University, our Bachelor of Science in Software Development program offers students the foundation of skills and knowledge they need to enter the software development field. The program features:

  • Project-based learning which replicates the cooperative workflow found in many programming work environments
  • Comprehensive preparation in web and application development, database applications, systems software and security concepts, and more
  • Virtual programming labs featuring state-of-the-industry tools and processes
  • A flexible online learning format so you can study from anywhere
  • The option to add up to 12 MBA-level credits to your program

Learn how you can train to become a software developer in as few as 36 months of online study: contact Herzing University today!

Discover the Herzing University Software Development program


Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), U.S. Department of Labor, Occupational Outlook Handbook. Multiple factors, including prior experience, age, geography and degree field, affect career outcomes. Herzing does not guarantee a job, promotion, salary increase or other career growth. BLS estimates do not represent entry-level wages and/or salary.

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