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Online Technology Studies
Associate's Degree Program

Transfer your prior tech credits into an associate degree

  • Transfer up to 45 approved credits
  • Program length: 16 months
  • Complete classes 100% online right from home
  • Supplement your existing education with the gen eds needed to earn an associate degree
  • Pathways to continue your education (BS, MBA)
Waived enrollment fee
Classes start September 8th
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This program is for those students with a substantial amount of technology-related transfer credits. All other students should choose a different Technology program.

This program provides students who have a solid grounding in a technology discipline, gained from completing the coursework in one or more diploma or certificate programs in that discipline, with the general education component of an associate degree to become a well-rounded graduate.

Educational Requirements

Students must complete at least 34.00 semester credit hours of courses in technology. Selection or transfer of courses will be in consultation and with the approval of the student’s academic advisor. Any resulting deficiency in the total of 34.00 semester credit hours required may be made up with additional technology courses. Certificate or diploma programs from which technology courses may be accepted include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Certificate in Cisco Certified Network Associate
  • Certificate in Cloud Infrastructure and Virtualization
  • Certificate in CompTIA A+
  • Certificate in Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate

*To learn more about transferring prior credits earned in the United States, see our Transfer Students page. For credits earned outside of the U.S., view the International Students page.

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Classes Start September 8th

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Career Path Possibilities

The career path for technology studies graduates will vary based on the technological area of which their study was concentrated. In general, associate of science in technology studies degree graduates can work in a variety of different environments including professional offices, small businesses, government organizations, and large corporations, and may hold many different titles. Entry-level professionals typically work behind the scenes. After gaining experience and expertise, they can advance to more senior-level work.

  • Network and computer systems administrators design, install, and troubleshoot problems as well as make recommendations for future system upgrades
  • Computer security specialists design and install security software, monitor networks for security breaches, respond to cyber attacks, and, in some cases, gather data and evidence to be used in prosecuting cyber crime
  • Computer security technicians educate users about security procedures and install security software
  • Networking Technicians help to install and monitor networks
  • Help Desk representatives to troubleshoot user issues

While there is no universally accepted way to prepare for a job as an information technology specialist, most employers place a premium on some formal college education. A 2-year degree is a prerequisite for some jobs, while a bachelor’s degree is required for others. To get into management and advance, many employers require a master’s degree.

Work Environment

Information technology workers normally work in well-lit, comfortable offices or computer labs. They usually work about 40 hours a week, but if their employer requires computer support over extended hours, they may be “on call” for rotating evening or weekend work. Overtime may be necessary when unexpected technical problems arise. Those who work as consultants are away from their offices much of the time, sometimes spending months working in a client’s office.

Learn more about this growing career field by speaking with one of our Admissions Advisors toll free at (800) 596-0724. We are happy to provide you with further information about career opportunities and the Herzing University Information Technology programs so you can determine which one is right for you.


The Technology Studies program is specifically designed to allow transfer or prior credits earned in a technology-related discipline.

Technology Studies Program Curriculum

Program Credits Months*
Associate and Associate of Applied Science in Technology Studies 60 20
*Average number of months for students to complete program
Program availability varies by location

Associate and Associate of Applied Science in Technology Studies

This associate degree program adds general education and additional specialization classes to the core technology fundamentals. Graduates are well prepared for a variety of entry-level technology positions in a wide range of industries. 

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Online & on-campus availability

The Herzing technology studies associate degree program may be completed online, with at least partial class availability offered at 4 locations if you are interested in an on-campus experience:


Frequently Asked Questions

Regardless of your background, an IT degree provides you with the analytical, problem solving, management and leadership skills that can help a student be competitive in today and tomorrow's technology marketplace by providing theory and hands-on training in networking administration, IT security, technology managementsoftware development and the use of telecommunications equipment.


An IT degree is a versatile degree that has application in almost every industry from healthcare to manufacturing to tourism to commerce. Herzing offers IT programs that begin at an entry level diploma program, and go from an associates, to a bachelors all the way through a graduate level with a MBA in Technology Management.


All Herzing Technology programs provide foundational coursework in database and information security. Depending on the program version or selection of elective coursework, students can learn more advanced skills in courses such as Network Security, Cloud Computing, Virtualization, Data Storage, Ethical Hacking, Network Infrastructure Hardening, Web Security, Advanced Security Implementation, Enterprise Security Solutions, Routing and Switching Security I and II, Designing Network Security, Network Defense, Data Storage, Network Defense, and Computer and Network Forensics.


Herzing's Technology programs all include foundational courses. Whether a student has years of technology experience or not, students will begin with fundamentals that will be a refresher for some and an introduction for others. Students will be better prepared and ready for the more complex Information Technology concepts that come in later coursework. Additionally Herzing offers tutoring and academic support resources both on-campus and through Herzing Online.


Industry certifications provide a student with a competitive advantage in the workforce. Their certifications differentiate them from others as having earned recognition from third-parties in a focus area of their knowledge and expertise.


The Technology program curriculum, either through a specific course of the cumulative of courses in a concentration help prepare students for a variety of certifications, including the ones that the exam cost are part of the program tuition. It is important for students to understand that they will typically need to spend additional time outside of their coursework to practice and prepare for the certification exams.

Technology Degree Program Prep-to-sit for Certifications:

Certification Program
Cisco Certified Network Associate - Routing and Switching (CCNA) DNS, ASIT, BSITNC, BSITST, BSITNM
Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) ASIT, BSITNC, BSITST, BSITNM
Microsoft Certified Network Associate (MCSA) BSITNM



Herzing's business program is different because it is focused on leadership development. Working with employers, we've developered programmatic themes integrated into all courses that will better prepare graduates for career advancement, entreprenuership and management.

Specifically Herzing's IT program offers:

  1. Practical Experience - Students will gain practical experience, that can be applied in settings ranging from independent businesses to large corporations and public agencies with an emphasis on the importance of Leveraging Technology and information to make decisions; and the key skills of Professionalism & Teamwork that are essential to leadership and management.
  2. Industry Certifications - Graduates will earn more than a degree, they will have the opportunity to prepare for sought-after industry certifications.
  3. Dual Credit - Students in the undergraduate BSITNC and BSSDNM can get a "jump start" on a MBA at the same time. Up-to 12 graduate credits could be taken while still an undergraduate and applied toward both degrees, thereby saving both money and time.
  4. Transfer Friendly - Students with an associate degree from an accredited institution like a Community College can receive up-to 60 credits toward a Herzing Technology Bachelor's degree, DEGREE UP students may receive more. Additionally Herzing will also review all transcripts a student may have, as there is an ability to transfer up-to 75% of their previous credit load toward their Herzing program, thereby saving them time and money.


The BSIT program helps students to prepare to sit for the following examinations, and students who successfully completed their coursework and practice exams will be eligible to receive exam vouchers for the following:

  1. MCP (available through ASIT and BSIT)
  2. Security+ (available through ASIT and BSIT)
  3. CCNA (available through ASIT and BSIT, and at Atlanta  & Toledo through the DNS program)


Herzing University is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission. Programmatics accreditation is not a requirement within the field for IT professionals.


Program length can vary depending upon degree level, number of concentrations, course load and credits transferred, as well as class schedule.

  • Diploma is 3-semesters and with a full-time schedule can be completed in one (1) year.
  • Associate degree is 4-semesters and with a full-time schedule can be completed in two (2) years.
  • Bachelor's degree program is 9-semesters and depending upon transfer credits, can be completed as a full-time student in three (3) years.
  • Graduate degree is a 3-semester program and a student can transfer in up-to 18 credit hours.



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This program provides students who have a solid grounding in a technology discipline, gained from completing the coursework in one or more diploma or certificate programs in that discipline, with the general education component of an associate degree to become a well-rounded graduate.

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