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Angela Stuelke

Nursing Student

MSN - Nursing Educator
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Angela Stuelke Testimonial

Angela Stuelke

I decided to go to Herzing University for my MSN because I wanted to be able to give back to today’s nursing students and share my experience of working with patients and saving lives.

At Herzing, my instructors helped me understand how to provide patients with excellent care. I also valued their timely and honest feedback on how I could improve as I moved through the program. They pushed me to think critically and use evidence-based practice, which is what I hope to impart to future nursing students as well.

Herzing also prepared me for the continuing change in the health care system and helped me understand how I can continue to educate myself in light of those changes.

I feel that Herzing’s nursing program works well for those with a busy lifestyle and family. I worked 60 hours per week and I was still able to fit my classes and schoolwork into my schedule. Being a student is never easy, but you should know that the faculty and staff at Herzing University will be there for you and want you to be successful.