Caleb Diaz

Interview with Medical Billing & Coding Grad


Caleb Diaz, 27, is a first-generation college student studying Insurance Billing and Coding. Previously, he was delivering newspapers and working as a barista at Biggby Coffee. He's scheduled to graduate with an associate degree in December 2014, but Caleb has long-term plans to return to school and complete a bachelor's degree, most likely in Healthcare Management. Caleb is also a fantastic artist, with a special interest in painting and photography.


Q: Why insurance billing and coding?
I did my research. I really wanted to get into the medical field somehow, not as much as in a hands-on, direct patient care perspective. When I read about Medical Billing and Coding, it pertained to me. I just really felt I knew where I wanted to go with it.


Q: What aspects of it appeal to you?
A: The medical field is always changing and so it's always interesting. There's always something new to learn"every aspect of it: medicine, technology, everything.


Q: What was your life like before coming to Herzing University - Toledo campus?
(I was) just working, not really where I wanted to be in life. Coming to Herzing has actually done a lot for me"matured me. Everything has changed.


Q: What was your turning point?
A: Just being where I was and not being happy. Working at Biggby was interesting, but I wanted something more mature where I could start to build on a career.


Q: What do you do in your spare time?
A: I'm a big art fanatic"oil, pastels, portraits of people. Right now school is pretty demanding, so if I can branch off later on, I can bring that side of me out more. I have to balance the academic and artistic.


Q: How about combining the two by putting some of your art in a hospital?
A: Definitely that's something I would like to do. That would be awesome, because I feel that when an artist gets their work out, they're building on their life. They're helping people understand them more.


Q: Is there a healing aspect to that?
A: Definitely, because when you look at art, you get all types of feedback from it: much from it. It's exciting. A lot of art that I've done has triggered something in people. I think that's really cool.   


Q: Why did you choose Herzing?
A: Herzing is a wonderful school. It's very family-oriented. I love it here. I wouldn't rather be anywhere else.  This was my first college experience and it's been a wonderful experience so far.


Caleb Diaz

Medical Billing & Coding

Herzing University - Toledo Campus