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Courtney Gwin

Courtney Gwin

After 10 years in the healthcare industry, you never stop learning new and exciting things. My previous job was at a small doctor’s office and I was able to work in many different departments. My manager thought that I might like the billing/coding aspect and had me jump right in! After that, I loved it and always searched for ways to learn more. That’s when I decided to go back to school for medical billing and coding at Herzing University.

My coding instructors were the best. They always took the time to help me to understand and encouraged me to keep doing a good job. They also gave insight into the coding world and shared their experiences working in the field – that was the most helpful.

Currently, I am employed at an insurance company and I love it! My advice for others who are interested in this field is to study hard. Coding can be very challenging, but don’t be afraid to ask questions and talk to your instructors for extra help and support.

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