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Guidance and Compassion in Pediatric Care

Hannah Streckenbach
Hannah Streckenbach

Herzing Alumni

Alumni Spotlight

As a Pediatric Triage Clinic RN, Hannah Streckenbach’s days are filled with a delicate balance of challenges and rewards. From answering urgent phone calls to providing guidance to anxious parents, every interaction holds the potential to make a difference. “The most challenging aspect,” she shares, “is seeing the sick kids and providing support to them and to their families.”

Yet, amidst the trials, Hannah finds solace in the opportunity to offer guidance and comfort to the youngest among us, fostering a sense of reassurance in the midst of uncertainty and fear.

A Journey Built by Support

Hannah’s journey from Herzing University to her current role is marked by a commitment to excellence. Having transferred from a university where support was scarce, she found empowerment at Herzing. She also found the support she wanted. She immersed herself in an officer’s role with the Student Nurses Association, joined the President’s Council, began to thrive academically, and helped others to as well by creating a peer mentorship program—extending support to fellow students.

Now with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing and reflecting on her time at Herzing, Hannah emphasizes the pivotal role played by the university in shaping her leadership skills and nurturing her confidence.

“My time at Herzing University was about more than just earning a degree; it was about discovering my potential and finding the courage to pursue leadership roles I never thought possible,” recalls Streckenbach. “The support and resources provided by Herzing were instrumental in shaping my journey and empowering me to make a difference in healthcare.”

Empowering Others Through Education

Central to Hannah’s role is the task of educating families on pediatric care, from administering medications to managing treatments. Despite the inherent challenges, she approaches each teaching moment with patience and empathy, striving to empower parents with the knowledge and confidence they need to care for their children effectively. 

“The most rewarding aspect of my role is offering guidance and comfort to parents and helping the children navigate through their illnesses,” Hannah said. “It’s about more than just treating symptoms; it’s about being a source of reassurance and support during challenging times. Seeing the impact of our care on families’ lives reaffirms my passion for pediatric nursing every day.”

Looking to the Future of Healthcare

Hannah’s journey at Herzing was not just about academic achievement; it was a transformative experience that paved the way for personal and professional growth. Through her involvement in various initiatives and her close relationship with faculty members, she honed her leadership skills and discovered her true calling.

“Education is not just about learning; it’s about empowering others to succeed,” she says. “As a nurse, I see education as a catalyst for positive change, both in healthcare and beyond.”

With change in mind, Hannah sees how technology is leading another evolution of how healthcare professionals work in their day-to-day roles. A graduate in 2020, Hannah was among the first class of new professionals to enter the workforce during a time of immense change as the pandemic forced everyone in healthcare to rethink how work was done and what was possible — many of those decisions remaining engrained in the field even after many parts of life returned to a pre-pandemic normal.

“How we communicate with patients and across departments or clinics has changed — we’re much more virtual now,” Streckenbach explains as she considers how this shift continues to impact new nurses. “I think that the new, more tech-driven side of things can be difficult for older nurses; I’ve seen some of them struggle to keep up. One thing Herzing and other schools can do is to invest in teaching emerging technologies more. This way, nurses can struggle, fail, learn, and adapt in the safety of their courses and clinical work. This will allow them to be well-equipped and confident when it matters the most.”

As Hannah looks toward the future, she remains deeply grateful for the profound impact Herzing University has had on her life. From the unwavering support of faculty members to the wealth of resources available, Herzing has been more than her alma mater; it has been a guiding light.

“Herzing University changed my life,” she asserts, “and I believe it can do the same for anyone who embraces its resources and opportunities. It’s more than just a network; it’s a lifeline that supports and uplifts each member. I remain in touch with many of those who helped me and continue to look for ways to lift up others. From faculty support to peer mentorship, Herzing provides guidance and encouragement every step of the way.”

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