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Inspiring the Next Generation of Healthcare: Jamice Glass's Journey from Student to Nurse Faculty

Jamice Glass
Jamice Glass

Herzing Alumni

Alumni Spotlight

In education and beyond, faculty members play a crucial role in guiding and inspiring students as they navigate their academic journeys and become professionals. For many students, faculty members are much more than just the person who assigns them homework. Faculty members serve as mentors, support systems, cheerleaders and friends to students from the moment they apply to long after graduation.

In recent years, universities are seeing an encouraging trend of alumni returning to contribute their knowledge and experiences to the next generation of students. Not all of these students-turned-faculty anticipate this career path, but it’s one they are proud to have found.

This was the case for Jamice Glass, a graduate of Herzing’s nursing program. She is now a nurse educator at Herzing-Kenosha. Jamice's journey reflects the supportive and empowering environment that Herzing fosters, where students become mentors and dreams become possible.

A key aspect of effective mentorship is the right environment. After transferring from her previous nursing program, Jamice explored her options at Herzing, and she immediately felt a sense of community.

“At Herzing, I didn't feel like just another number. I had the opportunity to build relationships with faculty and staff, getting to know each of them personally,” Jamice said. “The available resources were comprehensive, and my mentors genuinely cared about preparing students for their future endeavors, closely followed their accomplishments and support their growth. “

Herzing's emphasis on personalized attention and genuine care for students creates an environment where meaningful relationships are forged. This made a return to campus as a faculty member an obvious opportunity that Jamice could not pass up.

"Returning to Herzing was one of the best things I have done in my career," explained Jamice. “Their support for me as a student was transformative, but the way I was nurtured as an alumni gave me the confidence to explore a potential role as a faculty member. I didn’t even consider teaching until the President, Dean, and Program Chair all encouraged me to try it.”

For Jamice, Herzing's nursing program not only equipped her with the necessary resources to develop her skills but also fostered the ability to think quickly and critically. 

“I’m a much stronger nurse because of the program here at Herzing. I am in a better position to train future nurses to aid the fight for combatting the healthcare crisis,” she said. 

Jamice’s experience in nursing school proved valuable, especially since she secured her first nursing position after graduation in an intensive care unit, where split-second decisions and analytical thinking are crucial.

Transitioning from student to faculty member allowed Jamice to bridge the gap between being a learner and a mentor. Her firsthand understanding of the challenges and triumphs that students face positions her to guide and inspire the next generation of healthcare professionals. 

Through her role as a faculty member, Jamice can impart the valuable knowledge she gained from her educational journey at Herzing, by supporting and empowering students as they navigate their paths. Jamice encourages prospective and current students to embrace challenges and pursue their goals wholeheartedly. 

"If you are ready to reach your goals, then Herzing University is the best place for you," Jamice enthusiastically shared. “There’s a dynamic and fast-paced environment here that provides the perfect platform for our most ambitious students to seek professional and personal, growth. There’s a plethora of resources ready to support them. It's just up to them to take the initiative to connect with our friendly staff and faculty, and they'll guide them along the path that perfectly suits your needs and enhances your educational experience.”

In this nurturing and empowering environment, Jamice's journey from student to faculty is a possibility for each student. As Herzing University continues to foster an inclusive and supportive community, the legacy of mentorship and success will undoubtedly inspire future generations of learners to share their knowledge and contribute to a better tomorrow.

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