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Karevia Simmons

Karevia Simmons

When I thought of my future and my kids, that was the only inspiration I needed to join Herzing. I’ve always wanted to be in the medical field but didn’t want to directly work with patients. With some help from Herzing, I realized that Medical Billing was perfect the perfect fit for me!

All the faculty at Herzing is helpful and motivating. They broke classes down in a way where I was not overwhelmed, yet still challenged. All my classes were valuable, but the most valuable would definitely be my coding classes. Those courses simply taught me everything I needed to know about my field, which is what’s most important.

When the COVID pandemic began, I lost my job doing security. I was scared, but Herzing helped me stay on track with my studies while also helping me find help for my family. I’m very grateful for that aid.

After graduation, I will plan on returning to Herzing to earn my associate degree in Insurance Billing & Coding. My future is looking up!

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