Kendra Mullick

Kendra Mullick Herzing University Testimonial

Kendra Mullick

Nursing Student

Atlanta Campus

Kendra Mullick Testimonial

Kendra Mullick

We have hired several Herzing University graduates for nursing roles in recent years. They have proven to be strong leaders with their peers and demonstrate good critical thinking skills. Our Med/Surg managers have mentioned how strong Herzing students are on the hospital floor, and how quickly they are able to catch on. That is why we have hired many of them as full-time nurses.

Leadership, quick thinking, and the ability to admit to and learn from your mistakes are important to a nurse’s success. Herzing graduates do well in those areas, and they also show compassion and the desire to be a caring nurse.

We find that Herzing’s nursing program prepares students for successful nursing careers, and we’ll continue to seek Herzing graduates to fill future nursing positions here at Northside Hospital.

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