Natashia Peschel

Natashia Peschel Herzing University Testimonial

Natashia Peschel

Healthcare Student

Healthcare Management
Online Campus

Natashia Peschel Testimonial

Natashia Peschel

I decided to enroll at Herzing University because I wanted to further my career and provide more for my family. I have worked in healthcare for nearly 19 years and a degree in healthcare management seemed like the next step. My family and boss were very supportive of me returning to school. The biggest challenge was continuing to work full-time and be a good wife and mom to my four kids.

Herzing allowed me to take just one class at a time, so that I could continue to work and spend time with family. I liked having a flexible schedule and a new class every eight weeks. I maintained mostly all As throughout my college career!

My advice to others is to just keep pushing through. It's worth it in the end.

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