Sarah Pifer

A Story of success

It was a life-changing decision to start my career education at Herzing University, and by far the best decision I have made in my life. Before I started attending Herzing University I was working at an average job with limited potential to grow successfully. Once I started my Business Administration degree, the doors of opportunity have been vast. After finishing my associate degree at Herzing in 2013, I have decided on continuing my education in a bachelor's program in Business Management with a concentration in Business Administration. I will be finished with my bachelor's degree at the end of 2014. I am truly impressed with the curriculum of the business program. My story at Herzing University has truly been a wonderful, life-changing, career-starting story of success to tell. The education Herzing University has provided me has helped in my professional career and in my personal life. Being able to stand here today with my degree has boosted my confidence and has provided me with skills to become a valuable asset to my department and organization. What I like best about my experience at Herzing University so far is the willingness of the facility to assist you as a student from the first day of showing interest of attending Herzing University, through orientation, throughout the degree course, and into your career.

Sarah PiferToledo

My story at Herzing University has truly been a wonderful, life change, career starting successful story to tell.