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Need Help with Student Loan Repayment? Contact the Alumni Support Center!

A FREE service from Herzing University! Our Alumni Support Specialists will work to help federal student loan recipients successfully navigate the process of repaying their student loans. We do our best to:

  • Get you on the best repayment plan for your situation
  • Assist you in getting payment amounts lowered if they are too high
  • Provide options for postponing payments if you become unable to make them
  • Provide information so you can contact your lender or loan servicer
  • Assist with appropriate loan consolidation, forgiveness and discharge
  • Help resolve student loan default and reinstate eligibility for federal student aid
  • Answer any questions you may have about student loan repayment

We are not here to judge any person or situation, but rather to promote your success!

Contact Alumni Support
Phone: 1-866-508-0748 x01353
Fax: 414-238-2736


Many student loans are being moved to new servicing agencies; watch for mail from them to make sure you know where to make payments. Call the FSA Loan Locator Line at 800-621-3115 or visit the National Student Loan Data System (NSLDS) at to view your student loan details and make sure you don’t accidentally lose track of them.


Sallie Mae has recently split into two separate companies, Navient and Sallie Mae. Navient will handle all of the federal loan servicer responsibilities previously performed by Sallie Mae. For more information about the split:

You are also welcome to check out these cool tools for managing your federal student loans:

To receive the best service possible, please make sure to update your contact information with Herzing University any time you change your mailing address or phone number!