4 Apps for Studying On the Go


4 Apps for Studying On the Go

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Herzing Staff
July 25, 2018

Between work, school and your other commitments, the day goes by quickly. You realize that there are only so many minutes, and your success depends on doing something productive during just about all of them.

We know how busy life can be, so use these apps to become more efficient:

1. Quizlet

When you are waiting for your car to fill up with gas or to pick up your child from school, spend a couple minutes studying. Quizlet is an excellent tool that is available on your desktop, laptop, tablet, and cell phone. You can create your own flashcards, or use existing sets that other users created. If you make your own cards, you have the ability to make your flashcards private, share them with a group, or add collaborators. You also have the ability to go through the flashcards traditionally, play games, test yourself, or use the popular “learn” feature, which charts your progress and keeps you on track with helpful study reminders. This tool is perfect for the busy student.

2. Instapaper

If you have a lot of reading to do, Instapaper is a great resource. This platform allows you to save articles, documents, notes, etc. and read them whenever, wherever. It also has a highlight feature so you can quickly reference key information. When you are on your lunch break, you can pull out your phone and get some reading done without having to haul around your textbooks or notebooks.

3. Kindle

Sometimes, it’s not realistic to cart around your textbooks all day. Luckily, Kindle and many textbook publishers offer online versions of textbooks! Generally, you must download their app, and then you can easily access the textbook on your mobile phone, tablet, or laptop. Instead of buying the physical copy of a textbook, opt for the mobile version to increase accessibility and decrease your baggage.

4. Google Docs

When you have to brainstorm or write a paper, make the most of your free time with Google Docs. One of the best parts about this platform is that you can use your email address to access your saved documents on any device and share it with other users. This feature makes it easier to collaborate during group work and even write content on the go!

You have the ability to stay productive, even when you’re waiting for a doctor’s appointment or taking a break. With everything you need available on one device, it’s easier than ever to read, write and study on the go.

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