7 Must-Read Tips for New Grads


7 Must-Read Tips for New Grads

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Amy Chastek
August 11, 2015

In celebration of Herzing University’s 50 year anniversary, we asked 50 graduates to share their story. Some made us laugh, and some made us cry. But they all had a couple of things in common: resilience against the odds and an unwavering faith in the power of a college education.

One of our favorite questions to ask our alumni is, “What’s your advice to new graduates?” We loved the responses we received. Read on and be inspired!

1) Follow your passion

"If your career fills you to the brim and over with compassion, passion, a desire to help someone else, a sense of fulfillment, happiness and gratitude, then you’re in the right place…keep following your dream,” says Carla Harrison, Therapeutic Massage graduate and owner of The Massage Center in Omaha, Nebraska. 

2) Don't be afraid to start at the bottom

Amber Hill Reese, Legal Assisting graduate and Paralegal at Stewart, Seay & Felton Trial Attorneys, gives this raw (and real) advice: "Intern as much as possible and be willing to start at the bottom and work your way up!"

3) Find a company that aligns with your career goals

“Never stop looking for new opportunities," says Dan Scrivner, Healthcare Management graduate and Inventory Specialist at Fairview Health Services. "Getting a degree is hard work, but executives and people successful in their chosen careers don’t achieve anything by being stagnant." And, like the cherry on top of the ice cream: "Look for companies that will allow for healthy career advancement and won’t put a limit on your dreams.”

4) Have a winning mindset every day

Julie Glassmoyer, Surgical Technology graduate and Certified Surgical Technologist at the Toledo Hospital, says, "Treat each day as an interview. You never know who is around!"

5) Take advantage of university resources

Here's a piece of advice that we like LOVE from Craig Harmel, Electronic & Computer Technology graduate and a Sr. Open Systems Analyst at WPS Health Insurance: “Take advantage of Herzing’s Career Development Department."

6) Be proud of how far you've come

Natascha Long, Business Administration graduate and Service Delivery Analyst at Covance, inspires us with: "Be proud of your accomplishments, you've worked hard to get where you are today. Now empower yourself to get where you aspire to be. Don't be afraid to embrace new challenges and change."

7) Make finding your dream job a full-time job

"Be relentless with applications, follow-up letters, etc.," says James Flagerdebenavente, Medical Assisting graduate and Certified Medical Assistant at the University of Toledo Medical Center. "Never forget that everyone you meet may one day become part of your professional circle and write a glowing letter of recommendation. Always wear your game face!"

To learn more from our amazing graduates, check out our 50 Years 50 Grads Project. If you’re a grad with a story to share, fill out our survey here

Amy Chastek is the former Director of Graduate and Community Relations at Herzing University. You can reach the Career Development Team at careerdevelopment@herzing.edu   


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