Go-To Resources For The Busy Working Student


Go-To Resources For The Busy Working Student

Career Development, College Tips
Herzing Staff
September 29, 2016

You work full-time and pay attention to your studies as much as possible. You’re busy, and that’s not a bad thing, but your time is valuable. We get it. Here are a few resources that will help you stay organized and work smarter, not harder:


If you’re not the best at proofreading your own work, fear not! Grammarly is here to save the day. This website is a great resource for catching tough grammatical and spelling errors that your word processor might not find. To review some common student essay errors, the Herzing staff also has a handy blog post to help refresh your memory.


Backup your work across multiple devices with Evernote. This application also makes it easy to organize and store various types of notes including photographs, written notes, attached files and web pages. These can then be organized by notebook and shared for the purposes of revision, annotation or to be archived.  


Few people know how to format an entire bibliography offhand, so looking up and implementing the style (MLA, APA, Chicago, etc.) adds a lot of time to the process of citing an essay, PowerPoint or other projects. Easybib takes away most of this cumbersome process by generating citations in your style of choice automatically, whether it be a book, website, film, journal or other media. The one catch is that while MLA citations are free, Easybib does charge a subscription fee for other formats.


This application allows you to blacklist any online sites that will deter your productivity (temporarily, of course). SelfControl will help you refrain from perusing Facebook or getting lost in the news when you should be working on an assignment or studying. The app is free for Mac users.


LinkedIn is beneficial to both your academic and professional career. Besides being a vital networking tool, it’s also a great platform for getting more involved with university organizations, connecting with classmates and alumni and leveraging your alma mater to search for jobs.

For example, under the “My Network” tab, LinkedIn has a find alumni option, in which you can search through professionals who attend or attended your school by job title, place of work, etc. You can even narrow down your search by graduation year and geographical area so that you can make meaningful connections.




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