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IT Management Salary
How Much Does an IT Manager Make?

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How Much Does an IT Manager Make?

Computer and IT-related jobs are growing and continue to offer strong salary prospects to candidates with the right training. According to the most recent Occupational Outlook Handbook from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, computer and information systems managers ranked among the top 20 highest-paying job categories.

If you’re interested in advancing your IT career to management level, or if you’re a manager who wants to train for IT-focused roles, read more about what you can expect to earn as an IT manager.

Average salary for computer and information systems managers

According to 2019 data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, computer and information systems managers (also called IT managers*) earn an average salary of $156,390 per year ($75.19 per hour).

*Sometimes may also be referred to as “Information Systems Manager.” The job title can vary subtly depending on the job description of each unique position.

Technology management job outlook

From 2019-2029, the BLS expects job growth for the overall economy to rise by 4%. For IT management jobs, that growth rate is more than doubled to 10%. Overall, the BLS predicts a need for 48,100 more IT manager jobs over the next decade.

Factors influencing this growth may include:

  • A need for IT managers who can guide movement to digital and digitally enhanced operations by organizations of all sizes and in all industries;
  • Increased need for technology management leadership in cybersecurity, especially for government, finance, healthcare and insurance related companies; and
  • A rise in IT services outsourcing due to cloud computing, meaning more opportunities for technology manager jobs at IT consultancies and related businesses.

Average IT management salary by state

IT management salary will vary depending upon which state you live in and which industry you work for as well as your experience and qualifications.

You can look up your state on the table below to see the 2019 average annual IT management salary there:

Average IT management salary by state
State Per year Per hour
Alabama $129,860 $62.43
Alaska $112,640 $54.15
Arizona $141,110 $67.84
Arkansas $111,200 $53.46
California $185,640 $89.25
Colorado $172,810 $83.08
Connecticut $148,380 $71.34
Delaware $165,970 $79.79
District of Columbia $168,900 $81.20
Florida $138,400 $66.54
Georgia $149,080 $71.68
Hawaii $127,450 $61.27
Idaho $107,410 $51.64
Illinois $148,990 $71.63
Indiana $126,030 $60.59
Iowa $123,570 $59.41
Kansas $124,350 $59.79
Kentucky $120,380 $57.88
Louisiana $111,250 $53.48
Maine $126,970 $61.05
Maryland $157,200 $75.58
Massachusetts $159,180 $76.53
Michigan $129,880 $62.44
Minnesota $148,770 $71.52
Mississippi $104,360 $50.17
Missouri $132,180 $63.55
Montana $104,610 $50.29
Nebraska $122,790 $59.03
Nevada $134,970 $64.89
New Hampshire $149,000 $71.63
New Jersey $181,620 $87.32
New Mexico $118,020 $56.74
New York $190,390 $91.53
North Carolina $141,910 $68.23
North Dakota $120,860 $58.10
Ohio $136,080 $65.42
Oklahoma $117,490 $56.49
Oregon $131,410 $63.18
Pennsylvania $144,390 $69.42
Rhode Island $150,870 $72.54
South Carolina $125,110 $60.15
South Dakota $139,230 $66.94
Tennessee $120,260 $57.82
Texas $156,590 $75.28
Utah $135,800 $65.29
Vermont $119,860 $57.62
Virginia $173,280 $83.31
Washington $164,880 $79.27
West Virginia $123,810 $59.52
Wisconsin $129,400 $62.21
Wyoming $106,110 $51.01
All salary data courtesy of the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

What do IT managers do?

IT managers combine project management, operational management, and technical IT skills to ensure that:

  • Technology assets function as expected;
  • Systems and data remain secure from leaks, hacks, and loss;
  • IT technicians and other junior staff have direction; and
  • New IT & networking solutions are designed, implemented and maintained.

As an IT manager, you will need to combine “people” skills with technology skills. You may prefer an operational role—keeping things running on a daily basis—or a more strategic role in which you analyze how technology can enhance the mission of a business or organization or analyze organizational data to glean new insights about a company’s processes, people, and potential products.

Potential job titles in IT management include:

  • Computing Services Director
  • Data Processing Manager
  • Information Systems Director
  • Information Systems Manager
  • Information Systems Supervisor
  • Information Technology Director
  • Information Technology Manager
  • Management Information Systems Director
  • Technical Services Manager

All Information Technology (IT) management jobs have one thing in common: the need to stay current with the latest solutions, methods, and best practices for running information technology operations that are secure and efficient as well as innovative. Learn more about what you can do with a degree in IT management.

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