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5 Signs It’s Time to Expand Your Nursing Practice

Still unsure about what’s next? Take a moment and consider — it could be time to take your nursing career in a new, exciting direction.

Florence Nightingale, the pioneer of modern nursing, once famously said: “Let us never consider ourselves finished, nurses. We must be learning all of our lives.” Nearly 200 years later, these words resonate deeply with nurses nationwide. 

Regardless of your specialty or position, a career in nursing is one of dedication, compassion, and unwavering commitment. Yet, even the very best healthcare professionals can sometimes arrive at a crossroads, asking themselves, "What's next?" 

Before you let that question send you into a spiral, remember that one of the best things about nursing is the endless opportunities it offers for personal and professional growth. 

Still unsure about what’s next? Take a moment and consider whether you’ve faced these five signs in your daily reflection — it could be time to take your nursing career in a new, exciting direction.

Feeling Stagnant

One of the first signs that it might be time to expand your nursing practice is when you start to feel stagnant in your current role. Nursing is a dynamic field with various specialties and opportunities for growth. If you've been in the same position for a while and find yourself looking for a change of pace, it may be time to consider a new role. Staying in one place for too long can lead to professional stagnation. Fortunately, nursing offers an array of options for career advancement and specialization.

Strong Interest in a New Specialty

Throughout your nursing career, you may have found yourself developing an interest in specialties beyond your current responsibilities. Experiencing different areas of nursing like pediatrics, mental health, or critical care can influence you to explore a new career path. Embrace this curiosity and continue expanding your nursing knowledge. Pursuing new passions and specializing in the area that truly excites you can bring renewed enthusiasm and job satisfaction.

Desire for Advancement and Leadership

Are you eager to take on more responsibilities and step into a leadership role? Nursing offers a diverse number of opportunities for advancement and leadership roles beyond the bedside. Influence the healthcare field in a new and exciting way with roles like nurse educator, nursing director and advanced nurse. To achieve these career goals, further education and additional certifications will be necessary but are all extremely beneficial. Pursuing these advanced degrees and certifications can open doors to new opportunities, empower you with specialized knowledge, enhance your skills and ultimately elevate your nursing career to new heights.

Changing Healthcare Trends

The healthcare field is ever-evolving, with shifting patient needs and emerging trends. For instance, the recent rise in telehealth services has highlighted the growing demand for nurses with expertise in virtual care. If you notice a change in the healthcare landscape and find yourself drawn to support it in response, it might be time to consider transitioning to a nursing specialty that is more in demand. Adapting to new healthcare trends can ensure that your skills remain relevant and your career remains fulfilling.

Dealing with Burnout

Nursing is undoubtedly a rewarding career, but it can also be emotionally and physically demanding. If you're experiencing burnout or compassion fatigue in your current role, acknowledging these feelings and adapting accordingly is the healthiest choice for you and your patients. Feeling overwhelmed by your current position might be an indication that you need to explore different aspects of the profession or find a new nursing path that aligns better with your personal and professional needs. There’s also the option to lean into your drive to lift others up. Nurse educators are a crucially needed part of the healthcare field and this way you can reignite your interest while helping to spark the success and growth of future healthcare professionals.

If you find yourself experiencing any of these signs, it may be time to explore other options within nursing. Herzing University is proud to support nurses at every stage of their careers. We encourage you to embrace the chance to evolve, learn, and make a meaningful impact on the healthcare industry while continuing your nursing journey. Your future in nursing is full of possibilities, and the next exciting chapter of your career awaits.

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* Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), U.S. Department of Labor, Occupational Employment and Wage Statistics 2023 / Occupational Outlook Handbook 2022. BLS estimates do not represent entry-level wages and/or salaries. Multiple factors, including prior experience, age, geography market in which you want to work and degree field, will affect career outcomes and earnings. Herzing neither represents that its graduates will earn the average salaries calculated by BLS for a particular job nor guarantees that graduation from its program will result in a job, promotion, salary increase or other career growth.

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