MBA Grads Reveal Why They’re Glad They Went Back to School


MBA Grads Reveal Why They’re Glad They Went Back to School

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Gordana Pesakovic
December 12, 2017

More students are enrolling in graduate business programs today than ever before, a recent study found. The majority of students return to school for professional and financial reasons, most often with the goal of increasing their earning potential and unlocking advanced opportunities in their field.

It’s worth it, too. According to the Graduate Management Admission Council, 96 percent of business school alumni say they are better prepared for leadership positions, have advanced more quickly in their careers and increased their earnings since graduating from their programs.

So, what can an MBA degree do for you?

Here’s what recent Herzing University MBA graduates had to say about the benefits of continuing their education:

1. Core business knowledge: An MBA degree helps students achieve a well-rounded understanding of how a business works, and allows them to practice applying business concepts to real-world scenarios. “As an entrepreneur, knowing the ins and outs of business management helps me to address things that will allow for my business to scale and advance,” said business owner and former Herzing MBA student Reginald Parks. “I think that knowing how business works gives business owners and employees a competitive advantage.”

2. Management skills: Others find that their degree helped prepare them for various aspects of business ownership, such as overseeing multiple teams, projects and deadlines. Effective project management and leadership skills are also critical for advancing within an organization. “My MBA degree equipped me to prepare a marketing plan, project management plan, staffing plan and business plan that I can use both now and in the near future,” said Herzing alum Sharlyne Thomas, who currently wears many hats as the owner of a nonprofit organization.

3. Global perspective: Even seasoned business professionals can benefit from continuing their education. In addition to specific subject knowledge, an MBA degree helps students learn how to think critically in an ever-evolving business world and to develop innovative solutions to business issues.

“As a professional in the technical field, it is easy to reduce problems to physics and empirical facts,” said Alejandro Fuenmayor, an engineer at a leading global corporation. “However, understanding strategic leadership requires more than statistical rules. My business courses helped me understand the global forces that shape business trends, including the direction of my company and that of our competitors.”

“I attended Herzing with already 19 years of experience in the IT field,” adds Sady Garcia, a senior IT manager. “But my education opened my eyes to new experiences, and I felt more balanced and more in tune with my profession than I ever have been.”

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