Student Story: Why I’m Earning My MBA


Student Story: Why I’m Earning My MBA

Student Stories
Maylene Hector
October 25, 2018

Prior to enrolling in the MBA program at Herzing University, I was conflicted about whether I should pursue an advanced degree. I wanted to make sure that going back to school was worth the investment. Today, I am glad that I chose to pursue my MBA, and I know that it will help me achieve my long-term career goals.

I am originally from Antigua and Barbuda, and for more than 25 years I was able to land several good jobs with only a high school diploma. I didn’t even think it was necessary for me to earn my associate degree, but I decided to give it a try and enrolled in an associate degree program for hospitality management. (My country’s economy is heavily based on tourism). To my surprise, I made the Dean’s list in my first semester and I was awarded a full scholarship for the duration of my studies.

Later, when I immigrated to the United States, I realized that I needed a bachelor’s degree to earn a reasonable income. I enrolled in a bachelor’s degree program in my field and graduated Summa Cum Laude. I was energized and eager to begin my career, but was bewildered when I was overlooked for an internal promotion. I realized that if I wanted to achieve my personal and professional goals, I would need to go back to school for my MBA.

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My goal is to first secure a middle-management position and advance to an upper-management role in the hospitality industry. Eventually, I want to own and operate my own tennis club. Earning my MBA will allow me to develop the leadership and communication skills I need to get to the next level of my career.

Specializing in human resources will help me develop strategic problem-solving and management skills. These are essential skills that I’ll need when I start my own business. Advancing my degree also means that I can enjoy higher pay and better job security.

The MBA in Human Resource Management program is an ideal way for me to prepare for future opportunities in management. I am confident that advancing my degree will help me enhance my leadership skills and position me for the career of my dreams.

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