Business Management

A bachelor degree or associate degree in business management provides students with core business skills and knowledge that can be applied to a vast number of careers. Graduates of the associate and bachelor's degree programs will understand the function of each unit/department that makes up a business and how each is equally vital in ensuring positive performance of the company.

Coursework in the Herzing University business management degree programs include accounting, management, business law, economics, marketing and sales, and technology classes; electives allow the student to focus on a main interest within the business field.

In addition to subject knowledge, students in the business management degree programs learn how to think critically, creatively find solutions to business problems, communicate effectively (both verbally and in writing), and utilize industry-standard computer software for data collection and analysis.

Business Management — Is it for you?

A degree in business management is ideal for the individual who either wishes to work in an office setting or own a business. Skills learned in business classes will be applicable to any industry including finance, industry, manufacturing, healthcare and education. Those interested in pursuing a business-related career should be able to work effectively individually and in a team environment. They should also be comfortable using a computer and present themselves in a professional manner.

Business Management Concentrations

Our programs are customizable to include focused studies in the following concentrations:

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