Our Support Services


A Personal Approach to Education

At Herzing, we put our students first. We know that many of you are juggling work, family, and life while attending school. That’s why we’re committed to providing a range of services designed to enrich your educational experience at Herzing and multiply your opportunities to achieve career success.

Student Advisors

Our support begins the moment you are accepted and enrolled at Herzing. You work with a student advisor who will be your point of contact from start to finish. Our trained advisors keep you informed about important University policies and procedures, and help you address any educational or personal issues that come up along the way. We can help with:

  • Academic preparation
  • Attendance and participation guidelines
  • Time management strategies
  • Disability accommodation
  • Handling stress and anxiety
  • Course test-out exams and exemption credits

Career Development

We take your education and career goals seriously at Herzing. Our Career Development staff provide valuable coaching so you can find the right job for your skills and interests. Take advantage of our experience:

  • Learn about job and internship opportunities
  • Gain valuable job-seeking skills
  • Learn how to create attention-getting resumes and cover letters
  • Find part-time employment while enrolled in classes at Herzing

Educational Funding

We know that going to school is a big investment. At Herzing, we work with you to create a custom financial plan for funding your education. We offer a combination of accessible options:

Registrar's Office and Course Scheduling

Students attend Herzing University to get trained for a career. To help our students transition into a career as quickly as possible, the Registrar’s Office completes a schedule for the entire program of study as soon as a student is accepted, ensuring each student gets the courses required in order to graduate on time. In addition, the Registrars may be able to create a custom schedule based on a student’s desire to carry a lighter course load, or to speed up a program in order to graduate as soon as possible (for example, complete a Bachelor's Degree in 3 years).

Special Accommodations

Should you require any special accommodations due to disability or injury, please let your Admissions Advisor know prior to submitting your admissions application. Our accommodations specialist will then confidentially work with you regarding your needs. This early attention will help ensure everything is in place prior to your first day of class.

We’re here to help. Contact the Career Development Department at your campus, talk to a student advisor, or learn more about financial aid.

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