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Career Advancement

Strengthen Your Workforce

To stay ahead in today's competitive economy, you need a skilled workforce trained in the most relevant business skills and industry competencies. Herzing University's Enterprise Learning Program can help you support your employees' professional development and keep your organization moving forward.

Investing in employee professional growth and offering tuition reimbursement programs can help lower employee turnover and improve job performance. We have extensive experience working with scholarship and tuition-managed service organizations to streamline enrollment processes and maximize the impact of tuition reimbursement programs.

Career Advancement Opportunities

Whether you want to help your employees develop industry-specific skills or earn a degree to advance their career, we can support all of your workforce development needs. Herzing offers a range of degrees, diplomas, non-credit courses, and certification programs. We can also create a custom training program to meet your organization's professional development goals.

Learn more about our career advancement options, contact H.E.L.P or call 866-255-7607.

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