Nursing Degree Programs

Great opportunities for both men and women in healthcare's largest career field.

With more than 2.6 million jobs for registered nurses and 700,000 for LPNs, the nursing profession constitutes the largest healthcare occupation. The demand for more nurses is due to two major factors:

  • The aging population will result in more patients, and a larger number of nurses will be retiring from the workplace
  • New medical procedures will require greater nursing involvement

Nursing Degree Path

Nurses at all levels have a broad array of career opportunities available in virtually every type of healthcare facility including primary care offices, clinics, hospitals, special care units, nursing homes, health departments, occupational health programs, school health services, mental health centers, home health, hospices, assisted living centers, research labs and more.

There are three educational options at Herzing University for those looking to join this important profession. Entry-level nursing positions require at least a diploma or associate degree. Herzing's Diploma in Practical Nursing program prepares graduates to take the licensed practical nursing (LPN) exam upon graduation, whereas the Associate in Nursing degree program prepares graduates to get their registered nursing (RN) license. A Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree provides more career opportunities as well as the option to advance into graduate programs to pursue advanced practice, management, and nursing faculty positions; graduates of this 32-month bachelor's degree program are also prepared to take their RN exam.

If you want to get in on the cutting edge of patient care, this is the field for you.

A career in Nursing could be right for you if you want to:

  • Learn and work with new healthcare technologies
  • Help patients understand their health issues and treatments
  • Experience new challenges and opportunities
  • Expand your career potential in healthcare
  • Help people feel better and prevent illness
  • Understand the human body and its various systems
  • Teach or consult

NOTE: Not all programs are offered at all campuses. Select your campus location to see which programs are offered in your area.

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