Is a degree in health information management worth it?

Is a degree in HIM worth it?

Health Information Management Degree Worth It

Given how much you can make, job & career options, and industry demand, getting a health information management degree is absolutely worth it and a very good career choice. Here's why:

1. How much you can make vs. the cost of tuition

With a degree in health information management you have the potential to make an excellent salary. How much money you can make depends on the level of degree you’ve earned, your experience in healthcare and any additional certifications you’ve attained. Here are median estimates from the Bureau of Labor Statistics for a sample of common jobs in health information management (salary varies by state):

Health information management jobs and their average pay
HIM jobsAverage salary (2018)
Medical Records and Health Information Technicians (BLS)$44,010
Health Educators (BLS)$59,660
Management Consultants (BLS)$94,390
Medical and Health Services Managers (BLS)$113,730

Learn more about how much you can make in health information management.

You can find a cost estimate for a HIM associate or bachelor’s degree by entering some basic information into the Herzing University tuition wizard. Your education is the key to starting and advancing your career, and a degree in healthcare information management can help you find a high paying job and equip you to continue climbing the ladder.

2. Career mobility– what you can do with a HIM degree

Career options are highly diverse depending on your qualifications. Here’s what you can do with a degree in health information management:

  • Medical records. HIM roles include jobs in the recording and cataloguing of medical records, analyzing patient data to improve care and cost structures.
  • Medical & health services. You will plan and coordinate day to day operations of a healthcare facility. Facilities have a growing need for managers with intimate knowledge of HIM and informatics (you’ll want a bachelor’s degree for this kind of role).
  • HIM consulting. You could work as an outside consultant to help institutions implement new records systems and processes.
  • Leadership positions. Manage all health information operations & personnel. After getting a degree and earning the required health information management certifications you’ll be qualified for these kinds of jobs.

That’s just a sample. Check out some emerging jobs in health information management. Your way up the ladder:

  • Earning your bachelor’s or associate degree
  • Getting a job and gaining meaningful experience in the field
  • Moving up within your company to a larger role or on to a new bigger organization
  • Working towards additional certifications to boost your qualifications

Your career options are career options, not just job options. You can reasonably expect a comfortable office environment, health insurance, paid vacation, retirement savings options and other various compensation packages. All the while you'll be building skills and experience you can continue to grow from.

3. The healthcare industry is growing. HIM positions are in high demand.

The demand for data & information is booming, especially in the ever-evolving healthcare industry, which is positioned for  growth in coming years. Advancements in technology and new standards of data-driven decision making mean the need for educated professionals to collect, organize, analyze and protect it is on the rise.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the outlook for jobs in the healthcare industry is well beyond average, with 18% projected growth from 2016 through 2026. As market demand rises so does the need for a highly educated workforce to support it. In terms of employment opportunities, health information management appears to be a good career choice.

So—how long will it take to become part of that highly educated workforce?

4. How long does it take to get a degree?

How long it takes to get a health information management degree depends on the path you choose with Herzing University:

  • Associate degree program. You can get your Associate in Health Information Management (or Associate of Applied Science in HIM) in under 2 years, on average (1 year, 8 months).
  • Bachelor of Science degree program.* Earning a Bachelor of Science in Health Information Management takes on average 3 years (36 months).

* Get a jump start on an MBA degree–qualifying students can take up to 12 graduate credits as an undergrad and get credits towards both a bachelor’s degree in HIM and an MBA in Healthcare Management.

Ready to take the next step?

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Become possible—like so many other graduates. Herzing University is your step towards a new lucrative career in health information management. We are your partner from your first class to your first day on the job—and beyond.

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