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This program is for those students with a substantial amount of business-related transfer credits. All other students should view the Business Management program.

Transfer your prior business credits into an Associate Degree

This program provides students who have a solid grounding in a business discipline, gained from completing the coursework in one or more diploma or certificate programs in that discipline, with the general education component of an associate degree to become a well-rounded graduate.

Educational Requirements

Students must complete at least 34.00 semester credit hours of courses in accounting, business, and/or legal studies. Selection or transfer of courses will be in consultation and with the approval of the student’s academic advisor. Any resulting deficiency in the total of 34.00 semester credit hours required may be made up with additional accounting, business, and/or legal study courses.

To learn more about transferring prior credits earned in the United States, see our Transfer Students page. For credits earned outside of the U.S., view the International Students page.

Classes start October 29.
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Business Career Paths

A Herzing University degree in business provides students with knowledge in all aspects that make a business profitable. Because of this, graduates have unlimited career path opportunities and flexibility when seeking a position.

For those unsure which path is best for them, the first step is to pay attention to which classes they find most stimulating while earning a business degree. For example, if a student enjoys learning the different methods a business can use to attract new customers, that student may have a future in marketing, sales, advertising, or product development. If another student is fascinated by how a company keeps track of the vast number of financial transactions that happen every day, a position in accounting or finance may be ideal for that student.

Recent job titles for graduates from the Herzing University system's associate-level business degree programs include:

Team Leader, Accountant, Customer Service Representative, Office Manager, Account Representative and Administrative Assistant. Examples of companies these graduates are employed by include Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Target, Coca-Cola Enterprises,, and Terminex International.

Herzing University system bachelor's in business graduates recently took positions with titles such as:

Business Analyst, Auditor, Accountant, Director, Restaurant Manager, Paralegal, Department Supervisor, Account Representative, Medical Office Manager, Manager and Business Owner. A sample of companies these graduates are employed at include: Covance, Solvay Pharmaceuticals, WyoTech, ProHealth Care, Inc., John Deere, Allina Health System, and Solo Cup Company.

For a list of companies that employ graduates in your area, contact your campus.

Career Advancement

Advancement in business careers depends on the actual career path the student chooses (such as marketing executive, department director or corporate trainer). Some business management degree graduates will be able to move up in the field simply by gaining on-the-job experience, while others will need to earn a master’s degree or industry credential. Once a student/alumni has determined what their career goal position is, our Career Development Department can help that individual create a plan that will position them for the greatest chance at achieving their professional goal.

Work Environment

Business  graduates typically work in an office environment. Offices may be located in an office building or on location at a manufacturing company or factory. Some workers may be able to work from a home office with weekly or occasional trips to the main office for meetings and presentations. Depending on the specific position, some travel may be required to satellite offices or client establishments.

A 40-hour work week is standard although additional hours may be required prior to important project or reporting deadlines. Those with greater responsibility will typically work beyond the 40-hour standard, and managers in some industries may rotate being on-call (this is especially prevalent in hospitality, restaurant and retail management). Executives often spend additional time attending professional events and staying current with industry trends. Full-time employees generally receive full benefits packages including health/dental insurance, paid vacation and sick time, and retirement/wealth savings or accrual plans (such 401(k), company stock, and profit-sharing).

Business — Career Outlook

The growing economy is continually fostering the addition of new businesses to the market. These businesses will need qualified professionals to ensure profitability and survival, creating a strong career outlook for business professionals.


Business Studies Program Curriculum

The Business Studies program is specifically designed to allow transfer or prior credits earned in a business-related discipline.

Associate and Associate of Applied Science in Business Studies6020
*Average number of months for students to complete program 
Program availability varies by location

Associate and Associate of Applied Science in Business Studies

This associate degree program adds general education and additional specialization classes to the core business fundamentals. Graduates are well prepared for a variety of entry-level business positions in a wide range of industries.

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Herzing's MBA programs all begin with "business level-setting" courses. Whether a student has years of business experience or not, students will begin with fundamentals that will be a refresher for some and an introduction for others. Additionally Herzing offers tutors and academic support resources both on-campus and through Herzing Online.



Bachelor's Degree Program Available Certification and Prep-to-sit for Certifications:

CertificationMethod to Earn
SHRM Certified ProfessionalHuman Resources Concentration prepares student to sit for exam
CGBP CertificationInternational Business Concentration prepares student to sit for exam
CAPM CertificationCourse BU345 (Project Management) prepares student to sit for exam
QuickBooks Certified UserCourse AC335 (Computerized Accounting) prepares student to sit for exam
Entrepreneurship CertificateComplete course B234 (Entrepreneurship)
Six Sigma Yellow BeltComplete course BU421 (Operations Management)

MBA Degree Program Available Certification and Prep-to-sit for Certifications:

CertificationMethod to Earn
CMA CertificationFinance & Accounting Concentration prepares student to sit for exam
PMP CertificationProject Management Concentration prepares student to sit for exam
PMI-PBA CertificationProject Management Concentration prepares student to sit for exam




Concentrations enable a student to customize their business acumen to their career goals, differentiating them in the workforce with specialized knowledge. Herzing currently offers the following business program concentrations.

Bachelor Concentrations:

  1. Entrepreneurial Studies
  2. Human Resource Development
  3. Marketing
  4. Technology Management

Graduate Concentrations:

  1. Accounting
  2. Healthcare Management
  3. Human Resources
  4. Project Management
  5. Technology Management



Herzing's business program is different because it is focused on leadership development according to what has been identified by employers in the global market.

Specifically Herzing's business program offers:

  1. Practical Experience - Students will gain practical experience, understanding the impact of a Changing Global Economy even at the local "mom & pop" level; importance of Leveraging Technology and information to make decisions; and the key skills of Professionalism & Teamwork that are essential to leadership and management.
  2. Industry Certifications - Graduates will earn more than a degree, they will have the opportunity to earn sought-after industry certifications.
  3. Up-to-Two Concentrations - Students in the MBA program have the option to enhance their academic experience by completing up-to-two concentrations.
  4. Dual Credit - Students in the undergraduate program can get a "jump start" on a MBA at the same time. Up-to 12 graduate credits could be taken while still an undergraduate and applied toward both degrees, thereby saving both money and time.
  5. Transfer Friendly - Students with an associate degree from an accredited institution like a Community College can receive up-to 60 credits toward a Herzing Bachelor's degree, and in some instances may receive more. DEGREE UP students are provided with the opportunity to transfer in additional credits earned after completing an associate degree. Herzing will review all transcripts a student may have, as there is an ability to transfer up-to 75% of their previous credit load toward their Herzing program, thereby saving them time and money.

Program length can vary depending upon degree level, number of concentrations, course load and credits transferred, as well as class schedule.

Associate degree is 4-semesters and with a full-time schedule can be completed in two (2) years.

Bachelor's degree program is 9 semesters and depending upon transfer credits, can be completed as a full-time student in three (3) years.

  • When transferring in a Herzing Associate degree: the Bachelor's program can be completed in 4-semesters or 2-years.
  • Students with an associate degree from an accredited institution like a Community College can receive up-to 60 credits toward a Herzing Bachelor's degree saving them time and money.

Graduate degree is a 3-semester program and a student can transfer in up-to 18 credit hours.



A business degree is a versatile degree that has application in almost every industry from healthcare to manufacturing to tourism to commerce. Herzing offers 6 undergraduate and 7 MBA concentration areas that enable a student to gain relevant additional experience.


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