Herzing does a great job of articulating the importance of patient care and their graduates are ready to get to work on day one.

Shawn Powers Herzing University Testimonial

Shawn Powers

New Orleans

Leadership, quick thinking, and the ability to admit to and learn from your mistakes are important to a nurse’s success. Herzing graduates do...

Kendra Mullick Herzing University Testimonial

Kendra Mullick


I chose to attend Herzing University because of the dental assistant program. Working a full-time job and going to school at the same time was a...

Jessica Stertzbach Herzing University Testimonial

Jessica Stertzbach

Dental Assisting | Minneapolis

I love Herzing University and I’m proud to be a part of the Herzing family. I chose the human resource management program because I have always...

Kriandra Magee Herzing University Testimonial

Kriandra Magee

Human Resources | Online

I come from a family of nurses and I find the profession very rewarding. Friends who attended Herzing University told me how good the nursing program...

Donnalee Fulton Herzing University Testimonial

Donnalee Fulton

ASN - Associate in Nursing | Birmingham

If you want a friendly, family-like environment, come to Herzing University. Additionally, Herzing’s accelerated classes and lack of a waitlist...

Karen Williams Herzing University Testimonial

Karen Williams

MBA | Kenosha

Herzing University is here to help you achieve your goals. My advice for others is to stay focused and give 100 percent effort. Remember that you can...

Denita Moore Herzing University Testimonial

Denita Moore

Medical Billing | Online

Going to school helped me through the hardest year of my life.

Kenya Lewis Herzing University Testimonial

Kenya Lewis

MBA | Online

I found Herzing University to be very professional, and the staff are very helpful and dedicated. They will see you through your educational journey...

Juernene Purviance Herzing University Testimonial

Juernene N. Purviance

Criminal Justice | Online