Chi ChangAtlanta

The most important, the experience in the U.S. teaches me "Who Dares, Wins".


Priscilla HubbardAtlanta

Herzing allowed me to work during the same time that I attended classes. The instructors provided one-on-one attention and were passionate about helping students to realize their career goals. Herzing gave me the best education possible!


Magda HoffmanMadison

You want a candidate with great hands-on experience who can walk through the door and have extensive knowledge, you hire a Herzing grad.


Ryan KinneyMadison

I chose Herzing because I could get a bachelor's degree in three years. The thing that stood out for me was the variety of software programs Herzing offers. 


Ronna NymannMadison

I chose to go to Herzing University because their scheduling worked well with my family. I go to class in the mornings, which allows me to work in the afternoons and then be home in the evenings.


Ya-Quin ChildsMadison

I chose Herzing University because it's well respected in the IT industry.


Tyrone McCallBirmingham

I chose to attend Herzing because of my family and because I wanted to build upon my professional skills. Herzing was able to provide me with something I strongly valued: The flexibility to help me balance school, family and a full-time job. 


Stephen FichterMadison

With Herzing, I didn't have to go through the runaround that was involved with the four-year colleges, and the curriculum was more specific to what I wanted to learn.


Steve KramerMadison

Herzing University prepared me for a lot of the things I see on the job today.


Rick SmithMadison

INOC made internships available for Herzing students over the years and has hired 12 Herzing graduates as full-time employees.


Madelyne HelfMadison

When I felt I was having an extremely difficult time with my project, she spent time with me and actually listened. Having somebody like that when you're almost to the end, to remind you why you've worked so hard and to treat you like you are somebody, and not just another student in the hallway, is so important.


Christina StanekMadison

The staff who had been supporting me since the first day I inquired about the University did something that very few had done: they believed in me. They never gave up on me.


Randa Jane WilbergMadison

The flexibility allowed me to take classes online because I work full-time during the day.


Jessica SmithAkron

They don't just teach you – they support you. The individual attention from my teachers really made a difference for me


Andrew Martin

I started attending Herzing University right out of high school. For me the decision to go to Herzing was not hard. I had taken a field trip with one of my classes to come to a Herzing high school orientation day, and I immediately loved the school.