Randa Jane WilbergMadison

The flexibility allowed me to take classes online because I work full-time during the day.


Jessica SmithAkron

They don't just teach you – they support you. The individual attention from my teachers really made a difference for me


Brian Kennedy

Herzing wants you to succeed, and the faculty and staff will do anything they can to support your goals.


Madeline YauOrlando

Herzing University got to the point, and I really wanted to get into school and graduate soon. Now I work with commercial funding, and I'm an account executive.


Michelle TomlinsonOrlando

"What I value the most is my clinical experience. I'm very hands-on and was able to apply what I was learning easily."


John Paul RobertsOrlando

What I liked most about my experience at Herzing University was the fact that a lot of the classes were fairly small so I had a lot of one-on-one time with the instructor.


Michelle WiltonOrlando

If you have an interest in changing careers, the time is never too late. Being prepared is the key and Herzing can help you achieve that.


Wanda ColonOrlando

What I liked most about my experience at Herzing University were the faculty members. They made it feel like it was family here.


Lynol GauffNew Orleans

Professors brought real-life examples and real-life scenarios to the classes and to our conversations.  


Robin HusseyOnline

"When you leave Herzing, it's clear that they want you to have the skills, confidence and integrity to make your field better."


Josh ColvinMadison

"My education has helped me in numerous ways, both in my professional career and in my personal life."


Jesse GrayOnline

"I chose Herzing because I knew it was a military-friendly school that offered the flexibility I needed."