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Computer Network Architect ranked #7 Best Technology Jobs in America for 2020 by U.S. News & World Report.

Connect the Systems That Empower Today's World with a Computer Networking Degree

Our technologically advanced world relies not just on computers, but on computer networks. Businesses of all kinds need professionals to help them deliver services to their users by developing the networks that transmit and store data in a secure, user-friendly way.  

# Months

36 Months 

# Credits

120 Credits

Put your technical aptitude to work with a networking degree. 

Developed with input from industry experts and employers, you'll gain the solid foundational skills to prepare you for a broad range of positions along with specialized networking skills in systems analysis and design, data storage, advanced wireless networking, mail servers, network security, and VoIP.

    Classes start February 3.
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    Why Herzing

    We’ve developed our Bachelor of Science in Computer Networking program to provide the career-focused course content you want in a format that works with your busy life.

    Program Highlights:

    • Take advantage of online course delivery to study at your convenience
    • Be ready to take on the workforce in as little as 36 months
    • Study in small classes led by industry-experienced instructors
    • Take on practical, project-based learning experiences through state-of-the-industry virtual labs
    • Cover a wide range of platforms and technologies to ensure you can adapt to many different roles and environments

    In addition, we help you stand out in the job market by building in preparation for industry certifications employers want. As part of your tuition costs, you’ll get help preparing for three key networking certifications from Cisco, Microsoft and CompTIA.

    Dual-Credit Option

    When you enroll in our computer networking bachelor's degree program online, you can also earn up to 12 credits towards your Herzing MBA, saving time and money. Our Technology Management concentration option is a logical next step after earning this or another of our IT bachelor’s degrees.

    Bachelor Degree in Computer Networking Online Program

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    Career Prospects with a Networking Degree

    IT professionals will always be in demand. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, overall employment of computer networking professionals could grow by 6-11% over the 2016-2026 period. 

    As a networking professional, you’ll have skills needed in many different industries and environments, from large corporations to small non-profits. At the entry level, you will likely work behind the scenes, but as you gain experience, you should have the opportunity to take on management roles.

    A career in computer networking could be right for you if you:

    • Are analytical by nature, and able to imagine many different use cases for networking equipment
    • Enjoy learning about new technologies and practices in networking, as the field changes rapidly
    • Can effectively communicate with other IT professionals and end users who are less technologically savvy
    • Can adapt to many different corporate and organizational environments
    • Can solve problems under time pressure (for example, when a server fails and service needs to be maintained)

    What are potential Computer Networking job titles?

    Job titles in Information Technology often overlap between different areas of responsibility. It’s important to closely examine job descriptions when looking for work. Possible job titles related to this degree may include:

    • Computer Network Support Specialist
    • Computer Technician
    • Network Administrator
    • Computer and Information Systems Manager
    • Computer Network Architect
    • Network Engineer
    • Computer Network Architect
    • Database Administrator
    • Systems Analyst

    Advancing Your Networking Career

    Careers in IT are fast-moving, and there are many paths to advancement. What they all have in common is a need for continuing professional development. You will need to maintain your relevance as you build experience, whether that means pursuing a master’s degree or continuing to gain industry certification for new products and practices. Particular topics of interest for networking professionals may include cloud computing and data and network security.


    As a Herzing student, you will gain the skills for a broad range of positions in the networking field. Through our industry-relevant curriculum, you will be prepared to:

    • Perform network installations and upgrades
    • Secure, administer and troubleshoot networks
    • Apply the latest security recommendations to properly project leading OS servers in a variety of settings
    • Use cloud computing principles, architectures and implementations, including cloud servers and solutions, data storage and security
    • Implement, administer and troubleshoot e-mail messaging systems, and more.


    Bachelor of Science in Computer Networking12036
    *Average number of months for students to complete program
    Program availability varies by location

    What certifications/licensure does the computer networking program prepare you for?

    In addition to earning a bachelor's degree, you will have the opportunity to prepare for key networking certifications from Cisco, Microsoft and CompTIA, with the cost of these three certifications included in tuition.

    Online & on-campus availability

    The Herzing bachelor degree program in computer networking may be completed online, with at least partial class availability offered at 3 locations if you are interested in an on-campus experience:

    Dual-Credit MBA Option

    When you enroll in our computer networking bachelor's degree program, you’ll have the option to save time and money by earning up to 12 credits towards your Herzing MBA. 

    Required Courses in Information Technology

    All courses, 64.00 semester credit hours, are required.

    Elective Courses in Information Technology

    A minimum of 15.00 semester credit hours is required in the field of information technology, information systems, computer science or a related discipline, a minimum of 6.00 must by at the 300, 400, 500 or 600 level. 

    Required Capstone or Internship

    3.00 semester credit hours are required.

    Required Courses in General Education

    Students enrolled in this bachelor's degree must complete a minimum of 36.00 semester credit hours in general education distributed among the following disciplines. Refer to the General Education section of the catalog for specific information about courses within each discipline. 12.00 Semester Credit Hours in Communications 9.00 Semester Credit Hours in Humanities (must include 3 semester credit hours of cultural diversity) 6.00 Semester Credit Hours in Mathematics 3.00 Semester Credit Hours in Science 6.00 Semester Credit Hours in Social and Behavioral Sciences

    Personal and Professional Development Courses

    2.00 semester credit hours is required.

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